Black Venom Ancillary Characters

Maneuvering Ace. Illustration D. Alexander Gregory. © 1996 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Now, don't get us wrong. We are aware that these guys are every bit as important as those on the main character page. The difference is that...well, these guys aren't front and centre during most missions. Justin Lynch and Danno McLaddie are not involved enough to be considered primary characters. Those like Antonio, Trevor's tech, simply do not have enough history to fill a complete bio. Also included in this list are Kimberly and Lucas, two of Black Venom's former allies.


Black Venom met with the Desperadoes in their first mission to the chaotic world of Caph. The Desperadoes, at that time a proud mercenary unit a company strong, were involved in a series of battles alongside Black Venom. In a battle foolishly conceived by the Lyrans, the Desperado and Black Venom commands were both shattered by Lindon's Battalion in the city of Cimmeron. Although Black Venom did not fare well, the Desperadoes were decimated; only two mechs, four mechwarriors, and zero support staff remained after the clash. The two units opted to merge, with Black Venom absorbing the surviving Desperado forces.

Lukas Dewinter, former commander of the Desperadoes, has not adjusted to the new situation as well as some of the other adopted mechwarriors. During the battle in Cimmeron, Lukas' Orion was shot out from underneath him, and he has been dispossessed since then. However, the recent capture of a mech for him to pilot has greatly bouyed his spirits. Jade Dewinter, Lukas' wife, has eagerly engaged herself in all of Black Venom's activities and works tirelessly to integrate the two units. Eddie and Malcomb are the other two mechwarriors from the Desperado unit and have since shown great loyalty to their new company.


Justin Lynch

Justin was born January 14, 3036, in the Tikonov system in Davion space. His parents, Homer and Marge Lynch, had only recently arrived in the system in the wake of its capture during the Fourth Succession War. Tikonov was a very wealthy planet, and the Lynch family prospered with it. By the time his eighteenth birthday rolled around, Justin was ready for something new. His parents shipped him off to thug school where he learned the tricks of the trade from old masters.

During one particularily memorable holdup, Justin "convinced" a mechwarrior to part with his prized Atlas mech. From there Justin travelled to Solaris 7, home of mech battles famous throughout the Inner Sphere. With his underworld connections and big mech, Justin made a small fortune. Soon Justin Lynch was a household name and posters of his matches were plastered over every bulletin board on the planet. Fame was fleeting, however, and would soon turn to infamy.

A government tribunal examining corruption and criminal elements of the mech games somehow got wind of a few illegal maneuvers made by Justin. Overnight his star was tarnished. He left Solaris ashamed and determined to find and persecute those who did him wrong. Currently he is the bad-boy of the Black Venom team, although he's more show that action.


Danno McLaddie

Callsign: None
Mech: B2 Firestarter
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 29 years
Place of Birth: Summit, Lyran Alliance
Father: Deceased. Executed for treason in 3039.
Mother: Deceased. Died during childbirth.
Military Training:
LCAF Basic Training
MOS Battlemech
History (Occuptational and military):
Danno was born on a small unnamed planet in Steiner space in the year 3029. His mother died during child birth, so Danno's youngest years were spent with his father, a technician for a small mech plant. As the War of '39 against the evil Draconis Combine geared up and security around the plant tightened, Danno's father was caught and later executed on charges of spying for the enemy. Danno was sent to an orphanage.
When he turned sixteen, he got a job as an assistant deputy vice-secretary of Melissa Steiner-Davion's laundry clerk. Hardly a glamerous job, but it made him enough money to put himself through a good military academy. He graduated somewhere near the top of his class at Sanglamore on Skye and, thanks to his former job with the Archon, scraped together a substantial sum of C-Bills. With this he purchased a nice practical, if not slightly specialized, light mech--a Firestarter.
Even though he is a mere 5'4", his shrill voice has a way of making people notice him.
He cannot stand UrbanMechs and LAMs.
He would never be caught dead trafficking anything.
He hates being called Daniel.


AS7-K Atlas in battle. Illustration Mike Raabe. © 1996 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


This man has two wonderful abilites that help keep him a member of the Black Venom team. First, he's one fine mech fixer-upper guy. Second, he makes a mean bean burrito. He's also dedicated to the job and an all-around nice guy, but that's nothing compared to the taste of those burritos. During one rainy battle, the air vents that normally blow rain away from Trevors mech's windshield stopped working. Antonio, in the midst of battle, climbed to the top of the Wolverine and pulled out a squeegee. Now that is dedication.


Kimberly & Lucas

During one particularily tough mission (4/5 of the group was left with inoperable mechs!) undertaken for the Lyran Alliance. Black Venom was assigned to garrison duty with several other mercs. One of the other groups were the Red Talons, of which Lucas and Kimberly were members. The Red Talons and Black Venom members got along quite well and we thought that we had made some friendships. Unfortunately, a short time later, the two units found themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield on the icy world of Hoth. Lucas' Axman and Kimberly's Rifleman inflicted heavy damage before being taken down. Due to the unbearably cold and blizzard-like conditions of Hoth, and the imminent arrival of reinforcements, no Black Venom member saw fit to look for survivors.

So the Red Talons died on Hoth. Or did they? Kimberly could have survived for upto a day in her cockpit, and although Lucas' mech was taken out with a head shot, battlefield footage shows what could be a command couch ejecting just before the cockpit was destroyed.