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Faction Overview:

The Successor States had always granted Comstar respect by virtue of their sacred status as keeper of the Star League technologies. But few were prepared for the sheer power of the mech divisions commanded by Comstar at the Battle of Tykayyid. Comstar's Clan opponents were also caught unaware by the skill of the ComGuards, and Comstar secured a fifteen year truce for the Inner Sphere.

Comstar is the newest faction to join the ranks of the Great Houses and Clans. When the game was revamped during the introduction of Commander's Edition, Comstar was added to the game while Wolf's Dragoons were dropped. Many of the premier mech designs formerly enjoyed by the rest of the Inner Sphere are now reserved exclusively for the use of Comstar. The Crockett, Black Knight, Lancelot, and Mongoose are only a few of the units that switched sides. With the changes it is important to ensure that your deck meets current Universal Construction Rule guidelines. The list below contains mechs from the Limited and Unlimited sets that have been reassigned to Comstar. (In cases where the mech is shared between powers, the w/ notation followed by the other faction is used.)

Black Knight (BL6-KNT)
Crockett (CRK-5003-1)
Exterminator (EXT-4D)
Flashman (FLS-8K)
Grand Titan (T-IT-N10M)
Grim Reaper (GRM-R-PR29)
Guillotine (GLT-5M) w/Marik
Hermes (HER-1S)
Highlander (HGN-732)
Hussar (HSR 200-D)
Katana (CRK-5003-2) w/Kurita
King Crab (KGC-000)
Kintaro (KTO-19)
Kintaro (KTO-20) w/Kurita
Lancelot (LNC25-01)
Mongoose (MON-66)
Thorn (THE-N)
Victor (VTR-9B)
Wyvern (WVE-5N)

Black Venom Comments:

Steve Brooks:
Information is ammunition!
Lloyd Flemming:
If you say 'information is ammunition' one more time I'll kick your ass to Stana Mechty and back, Steve!
Trevor McNabb:
You wanna talk top quality? Take a look at the Hornet. That little guy is great, and the mech looks sharp too. I give the Dragoons/Comstar two thumbs up because of their continued support of this fine mech.
Alan Powell:
Although some of their specific mechs are lacking, watch out for those pilots! This is one merc group I want on my side.
Dave Stevenson:
If it weren't for Comstar and the Battle of Tukayyid I'd likely be a Clan slave right now. Damn you, Comstar!

One of Jim's Fav ComStar Decks:

Speedhurst--some may call this a cheap deck because, is. But it is also sort of fun. Get the resources out, along with all those free deployment mechs and vehicles, and then pour on the pain by attacking singularly while making full use of the power of the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. This deck could possibly benefit from the use of First Circuit Summons, but we can't find anything that deserves to be pulled from the deck.

Commands Mechs Resources
RedJack Ryan
2 Operations Liaison
6 Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
6 Misrouted Command
6 Spider SDR-7M
6 Spider (revised)
1 Hussar HSR-2000-D

4 Cyrano
6 Saladin
6 Logistics
5 Munitions
4 Politics
1 Weapons Depot
2 Outreach Merc Training
4 Warfunds