House Davion

Federated Suns, House Davion

House Overview:

House Davion is the most powerful House in the Battletech universe and a strong and versatile force in the card game. The powers of the Davion unique cards are both impressive and useful. Unfortunately, those that are not pilots are weak structurally, and can be taken out by any moderately powerful mech. That means protection is necessary, preferably in the form of a few 100 ton bruisers.

House Davion decks have access to the best pilots the Inner Sphere has to offer. Take Prince Victor, his buddy Kai, Dan Allard, and Rhonda, throw them together in a deckwith a liberal number of mechs. Shake well. You'll know you've perfected the recipe when they begin to grind away at your opponents stockpile. Another great combo is that of Justin Xiang-Alard, Alex Mallory, and Keith Smith. Together, this team from the Ministry of Intelligence can create the Davion Deck of Denial effect by sifting through your opponent's hand and stockpile, and restocking undesirable cards.

Recent expansion sets have done much to erode the advantage Davion mechs had in sheer firepower. Despite this, new mechs continue to be produced to provide interesting combinations. Solaris Contacts has made Davion pilot decks with expensive pilots, such as the Prince and Kai, viable by allowing them to be put directly into play. Any way you look at it, crack open a can of that House Davion Whoop-Ass® and your opponent is in trouble.

Black Venom Comments:

Steve Brooks:
The best offence is a good defence...wait, that doesn't sound right.
Lloyd Flemming:
Beware the sneaky Dervish! DV-7D. That's him. He's killed me so many times those call letters are eternally etched into my memory.
Jim Gates:
Jaime Wolf will eat Kai or Victor for lunch any day, any time.
Alan Powell:
Intelligence from the field is limited and sketchy at best but they aren't the biggest House by accident.
Dave Stevenson:
If you're ever faced the option of doing 136 points of damage to your opponent's stockpile or one of his resource cards, go with the stockpile.

One of Trev's Fav Davion Decks:

Here's a deck that Trevor has been having great success with lately. It makes use of the new C3 omni-mechs that the Inner Sphere forces has recently developed. The advent of the new expansion set Crusade may alter the balance of this deck, which can make short work of nearly every other deck archtype.

Commands Mechs Resources
Prince Victor
Kai Allard-Liao
Kai, Champion of Solaris
Dan Allard
Rhonda Snord
Solaris Games Veteran
2 Fanatical Leader
1 Training Facility

2 Risky Combat Jump
1 ComGuard Response Team
1 Heavy Fog
6 Owens (Omni)
4 Firestarter (Omni)
6 Blackjack (Omni)
4 Partisan
4 Spector
8 Assembly
7 Tactics
4 Solaris Contacts
3 Warfunds
2 Black Market Connections