House Kurita

Draconis Combine, House Kurita

House Overview:

Second only to Davion in terms of military strength, House Kurita offers the most loyal and possibly the best trained soldiers in the Inner Sphere. Although limited in number the Kurita unique cards are likely the best of any house, and their mechs work well when based around a fast attack strategy. Jenners are a fearsome and devastating fast mech, able to do more than most medium mechs if their overheat is engaged. The strength and ability of Grand Dragons is also impressive in the card game (if not in the board game). These two combined with some of the better Inner Sphere slow mechs (Stalkers, Crocketts, and Atlases) make for a deck which can quickly exploit any opponent heavily laden with slower, more powerful assault mechs.

Black Venom Comments:

Steve Brooks:
Their honour will be their downfall.
Lloyd Flemming:
Their martial prowess is impressive, but they are no match for the Urbie!
Jim Gates:
I've got two words for you: Omi's hot.
Trevor McNabb:
They've slowed down the Clans more than the Free Rasalhague Speedbump, so they must be doing something right.
Dave Stevenson:
My nose was bitten off by a Hanoi whore!

One of Al's Fav Kurita Decks:

The latest creation of Alan Powell, this deck features minor modifications of the last deck. If you don't already hate the Black Thorns, Al's decks will turn you to the dark side.

Command Mechs Resources
Takashi Kurita
Shin Yodama
3 Maneuvering Ace
Contract w/Wolf's Dragoons
Contract w/Kell Hounds
Contract w/Black Thorns
2 Inside Job
1 ISF Counterespionage
2 Disguised Coordinates
1 Expert Negotiating Team
1 Mercenary Relations Division
1 Point Defence System
1 Rocky Gorge

1 Superior Navigation
1 Lance Diversion
1 Relentless Assault
1 Unopposed
1 Studied Move
2 Venom SDR-9K
5 Jenner JR7-D
1 Daimyo DMO-1K
1 Lancelot LNC25-01
2 Kintaro KTO-19
2 Avatar AV1-0C
2 Sunder SO1-08
1 Naginata NG-C3A
1 Crockett CRK-5003-1
2 Assembly
2 Munitions
1 Logistics
5 Politics
2 Outreach Merc Training
2 Sun Zhang MW Academy
2 Field Command Post
3 Comstar Support

16 Card Wonder Deck--this small and fiesty deck can be a major pain if you're not prepared for it. It functioned more reliably before Logistics became envogue, but still has the potential for a second turn lockdown. Try it!

Commands Mechs Resources
Coordinator Theodore Kurita
Chandrasekar Kurita
2 Tracking System Failure
2 Contract w/Northwind Highlanders
1 Severed Supply Lines
2 Salvage Strike Crew
2 Sentinal (0 cost version)
3 Field Construction Site
2 Think Tank