House Liao

Capellan Confederation, House Liao

House Overview:

A Battle Tech Story

One day in the bright and happy world of the Inner Sphere a woman by the name of Romano Liao had her servants create a mech. This Mech was horrid, it resembled a walking trash can on legs and was slower than molasses. Its only saving grace was that someone had blessed it with a massive autocannon. They named the mech Urbie and set it loose to be slaughtered.

No one knew why Romano had issued the creation of such a useless mech. It soon gained the reputaion of being the worst mech in the galaxy and only the desperate, suicidal or threatened would pilot it. So the rest of the Inner Sphere laughed as they trounced Liao again and again because of their pitiful mech. All Liao did was sit back and smile.

One day, long after Romanao had died, House Liao decided that they had enough abuse and attacked Davion headquarters. The Davionistas laughed as they charged into battle for they knew that they would win the day. Heck, they even ignored the Urbies that plodded towards their city. Davion figured that the infantry would take them out.

This was a horrid mistake for Romano's original plan for the Urbie was about to be fully realized. The Davion city was destroyed as each Urbie detonated the large amount of explosives that were stored inside them. It turned out that they were not shaped like walking buckets for nothing. In the chaos and dismay of having their base blown from underneath their noses, the Davion mechs were soon wiped out of existance and the happy people of Liao took over the government of the wretched hive of Davion scum.

The moral of this story:
If you see something funny and useless walking towards you, it is not there to amuse you. Destroy it.

All hail the Chancellor!

Disclaimer: the preceeding story does not reflect the feelings or wishes of the webpage maintainer. As well, the comments found below are not those of the webpage maintainer. They are the sole opinions of Lloyd Flemming, the guy that plays Liao in our little card playing group. These particular opinions emerged one night after having lost a number of card games.

One of Lloyd's Fav Liao Decks:

Commands Mechs Resources
Any crappy command cards will do. Honest, it really doesn't matter which ones you choose.

Mission cards are almost all generic, so just make sure that you don't accidentally mix in any good ones. Why would Liao have good things, right?
Insert crappy mechs here. Lets face it, you're playing Liao so you don't have any good mechs to choose from anyway. Try to use resource cards like Scrounger Crew that make you scrap cards. It's better to kill yourself than let your opponent have that satisfaction.