House Steiner

Lyran Alliance, House Steiner

House Overview:

Due to difficulties between Houses Steiner and Davion, information regarding the Lyran Alliance is sketchy at this time.

Black Venom Comments:

Steve Brooks:
Well, you have to respect those Lyrans for their ability to create wealth.
Lloyd Flemming:
Hehehe...I'll simply sneak up on them and huff, and puff, and blowjob them down!
Jim Gates:
Steiner, Meiner, Bo-einer, Banana Rama Loeiner, Fe-fi-fo-einer. Steiner!
Trevor McNabb:
Davion and Steiner share so much history. Why fight? Let's get back together and make love. Sweet, sweet love.
Alan Powell:
Watchout for that big Banshee, he's mean. If you get past the few, rare power houses (Banshee, Axman, Caesar) it's like fighting a scaled down, ill-equipped Davion deck.

One of Dave's Fav Steiner Decks:

This Combined Arms deck was whipped up by Trevor McNabb as a little experiment. Surprisingly, it has proven quite competitive. It is packed with cheap firepower to take an early bite out of your opponent, but has built in toughness to rough it over the long haul. It is not uncommon to deploy second or third turn Cerberuses because of the Strip Mining Operations.

Commands Mechs Resources
Tanya O'Bannon
Elizabeth O'Bannon
Solaris Games Champion
3 Jump Troops
2 Guerilla Support
Reactor Breach
Relentless Assault
Lured Into Bog
2 Cerberus
2 Gunslinger
2 Cyclops
5 Zeus ZEU-5S
6 Wolfhound

3 Burke
4 Shrek
1 Lightning
2 Cavalry
6 Strip Mining Operations
8 Logistics
7 Tactics
2 Think Tanks