Denebola FTM

Wolfhound WLF-2. Illustration by Tom Baxz © Wizards of the Coast 1996

LAAF Militia Database, Tharkad


When Liao and Marik troops invaded the Federated Commonwealth in 3057, a key target was the world of Denebola and its militia. However, the unit wasn't on Denebola. It was on Caph, engaged in raining exercises against the mercenary Gustafson's Grenadiers. Caught up in teh collapse of authority that signaled the created of the Chaos March, the militia sided with teh Alliance and attempted to hold the world for the Archon. With the Grenadiers siding with FedCom and other units siding with teh Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation, Caph became a miniature representation of the region, fought over by every faction with no side in overall control. The withdrawal of the Stealthy Tigers has allowed the FTM to improve their position.


Colonel Lisa Gould succeeded her father as commander of the unit following his death in the bloody battle against Lindon's Battalion at Cimmeron. Though officially only a Hauptmann, Gould styles herself as a Colonel, a title used with pride by her troops but with scorn by her enemies on the contested world. Though supporters of Archon Katherine, Gould and her subordinates are increasingly disenchanted with the lack of support from the LAAF.


The FTM has performed a variety of operations, from pitched battles such as Cimmeron to commando raids, such as the assault on the Stealthy Tiger command post at Aswan. However, it is at small-unit tactics that the unit excels, particularily lightning assaults.

Unit Composition:

Mech icon Denebola FTM, 1 Battalion/Regular/Fanatical
CO: Hauptmann Lisa Gould
Wing: Hauptmann Vlademar Murray
Aerospace icon Denebola FTM Armor Brigade, 1 Company/Regular/Reliable
CO: Hauptmann Hortense Cohen
Infantry icon Denebola FTM Infantry Brigade, 2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable
CO: Kommandant Christian Beaumont