Lindon's Battalion

Misrouted Command. Illustration by Doug Chaffee © Wizards of the Coast 1996

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Colonel Sarah Lindon trained in Davion military academies and served two terms in regular Davion forces on the Draconis March front before starting her own mercenary battalion. After its formation, Lindon's Battalion was immediately hired by House Davion, and the AFFC helped Lindon's Company expand to regimental strength.

The unit moved to the Clan front after the Truce of Tukayyid and immediately came under attack in a heavy raid by Clan Jade Falcon. With their tech upgrades not due to arrive for weeks, the mercenaries took a beating, and the Falcons reduced the ill-prepared regiment back to battalion strength.

When the battalion's contract came up for renewal in 3057, Lindon surprised many people by accepting a contract bid from the Draconis Combine. After a brief period of rest and refit, the unit entered Kuritan employment just as the Marik-Liao offensive was commencing. Assigned peace-keeping duties on the world of Caph, the unit soon found itself in the middle of a chaotic situation that has prevented the mercenaries from bringing order to more than one small region of that world. Recently, the battalion has begun training citizens of Caph, gathering strength until it can extend its influence into outlying regions of the planet.

Lindon's Battalion employs a gray and red paint scheme. The unit insignia is a golden knight chess piece set over a circular blue field. The crest in painted on Mech torsos and fighter fuselages.


Despite Colonel Sarah Lindon's decision to accept a contract with the Draconis Combine, she remains on good terms with the AFFC and Prince Victor Davion. In fact, she explained in a letter to the prince that she took the contract in an attempt to help improve mercenary relations with the Draconis Combine. Now sixty-eight years old, Lindon remains a hardened warrior and veteran commander.


Using its superior speed and stealth, Lindon's Battalion can often reconnoiter a battlefield and hide Mechs in the most advantageous positions. Most often the battalion's hidden units remain concealed until enemy units have bypassed their positions and engaged the main battalion force. At that point the hidden units emerge and hit the enemy from behind.


The battalion's recent losses have left it with room to spare on its DropShips. Similarly, the unit's tech-support staff can provide 100 percent of the battalion's required maintenance even though the unit has dismissed several technician squads. If possible, the mercenaries plan to maintain 100 percent support capability as they rebuild.

Unit Composition:

Mech icon Lindon's Battalion, Reinforced Battalion/Veteran/Reliable
CO: Colonel Sarah Lindon
XO/1st Batt: Lt. Colonel Hugh Lindon
Lindon's Battalion employs a total of fifty-four machines configured with a reinforced command lance of six Mechs and an extra company. The unit is classified as light-medium, with only three lances of heavy machines and no assault designs. The battalion primarily employs upgraded versions of pre-3050 designs, and its Combine contract has also given the unit four full C3 systems with slave support.
Aerospace icon Lindon's Air Wing, Wing/Elite/Reliable
Wing Cmdr/1st Squadron: Major Erik Bjorgenson
2nd Squadron: Captain Willemena Hillard
Sixteen of the twenty fighters survived the Falcon raid, leaving the battalion with excellent air coverage for a Battlemech unit of its size. The wing has been reorganized into two six-fighter squadrons, each led by a command element. Like the mech force, the wing is composed of light and medium craft, and each fighter features and advanced-tech main weapon.
Currently, the nose of each fighter is decorated with a jade-coloured bird, depicted as if the fighter had just rammed it.
Infantry icon 1st Caph Provincial Guard, Regiment/Green/Questionable
Infantry Commander: Lt. Colonel Tyrone D. Massey
The first two battalions of the First Caph Provincial Guard consisit of standard foot infantry troops armed with machine guns and some laser rifles. The unit's Third Battalion is composed of an SRM company and two light motorized companies, which augment the first two infantry battalions. Whether or not Colonel Lindon permanently attaches this unit to her mercenary command remains to be seen.