Black Venom Links

UrbanMech, Illustration by Mike Jackson. © 1997 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Battletech Links

Classic Battletech
When FASA shut their doors these guys picked up the board game and decided to continue the fun.
MechWarrior: Darkage
This is what's happened to the official license of Battletech. It's become a miniature game that encourages you to buy lots and lots of new little figures.
Star League Defense Forces Mapping Agency
Some very cool maps of the Inner Sphere.
The Company Store
A well designed webpage with several useful Battletech utilites, including maps from the Inner Sphere Cartographic Society.
Many handy little BattleTech related utilities.
Some amazing Lego models of mechs, vehicles, and aerospace fighters.

Handy files

MW3 Affiliations
This PDF was originally created by the good people at and contains all the affiliation statistics for use with the Mechwarrior 3 RPG. (344k)
MW3 Life paths
This is another PDF and contains all the life paths. Large file warning! (1100k)
MW3 Occupational list
All the occupational lists are contained in this PDF. (30k)