Black Venom Mission Log

Spider with scouts. Illustration by Sam Wood © Wizards of the Coast 1996.

The following is a log of major activities undertaken by the Black Venom Mercenary Company beginning in May of 3056.

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Employer: Free Worlds League Military (House Marik)
Location: Savannah, Free Worlds League
Mission parameters: Track down and eliminate a group making attacks on the local militia unit.
Pay: 60,000 C-Bills/person, 20% salvage.
Opposition: Armed civilians, thugs, and a lance composed of a RFL-5M Rifleman, SHD-5M Shadowhawk, CES-3R Caesar, and SCB-9A Scarabus.

Mission successfully completed with much destruction to the surrounding area.
Firm dislike for the Free Worlds League established.


Employer: Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (House Davion)
Location: Homestead, Capellan Confederation
Mission parameters: Drop onto the Liao world of Homestead and proceed to Ilanrock Research Base. Destroy computer core, then rendevous for extraction.
Pay: 350,000 C-Bills, 9% salvage.
Opposition: In the field: Mech lance: BLR-1D Battlemaster, RFL-5M Rifleman, RVN-37 Raven, SDR-9K Venom, as well as 3 infantry platoons. Research base: 2 infantry platoons equipped with machineguns, 35 research scientists.

Mission was intensely successful.
Unit claimed a Mobile Repair Platform as their own.
Dave Stevenson slept with a FedCom general.


Employer: Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery (House Kurita)
Location: Luthien, Draconis Combine
Mission parameters: Retrieve flight recorder from a downed Kuritan fighter.
Pay: 1,000,000 C-Bills, plus a truckload of ammunition.
Opposition: PNT-10K Panther, KIM-2 Kimodo, CLNT-2-3U Clint, DRG-5K Grand Dragon, KTO-19 Kintaro. Lance of vehicles, and 3 infantry platoons.

Mission successful.
Small incident where Steve Brooks attacked and destroyed a surrendered unit.


Employer: Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (House Steiner)
Location: Morningside, Lyran Alliance
Mission parameters: Garrison duty for expected assault.
Pay: 160,000 C-Bills, 10% salvage.
Opposition: MAD-5S Marauder, WHM-7S Warhammer, GRF-3M Griffon, JR7-K Jenner, MON-66 Mongoose, ARC-5S Archer, CPLT-C3 Catapult, BNC-5S Banshee.

Mission successful.
There were many good moments spent with the other mercenaries, especially the Red Talons.
Enemy forces were overwhelming and disabled 75% of our force.
Repair costs reached into the tens of millions of C-BIlls.


Employer: Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (House Steiner)
Location: Hoth, Chara system, Lyran Alliance.
Mission parameters: Drop onto Hoth, an icy world of constant blizzards, and identify a transmission origination point. Secure the area and await pickup.
Pay: 600,000 C-Bills, and all salvage.
Opposition: Militia and mercenary forces from other Houses. House Liao Militia: VND-3L Vindicator, Koto, CHP-1N Champion, WVR-7K Wolverine. House Marik Militia: MCY-97 Mercury, SDR-7M Spider, PNT-10K Panther, HSR-1000-D Hussar. Diamond Sharks (Merc): FLE-4 Flea, SHD-5M Shadowhawk, RFL-4D Rifleman, CN9-AH Centurion, LCT-3D Locust, COM-5S Commando, DV-7D Dervish. Blue Sharks (Merc): CRD-5M Crusader, SHD-2D2 Shadowhawk, WLF-1 Wolfhound. Red Talons (Merc): AXM-1N Axman, RFL-UAC10 Rifleman, BJ-2 Blackjack, HER-56 Hermes II.

Mission successful.
Transmission originated from an old Star League medical dropship that crashed hundreds of years ago.
Only recently had the distress signal pierced the interference produced by the blizzards.
Our old compatriots, the Red Talons, fought (and died?) against us in this battle.


Employer: Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (House Steiner)
Location: Hoth, Chara system, Lyran Alliance.
Mission parameters: Maintain a secure perimeter around the battlefield and await the salavge team.
Pay: 50% salavge.
Opposition: Mercs sent by House Marik. RVN-3L Raven, CPLT-C3 Catapult, MON-66 Mongoose, and GUN-1ERD Gunslinger.

Mission successful.
Continuation of mission 6.


Employer: N/A
Location: New Earth
Mission parameters: Honour battle versus Deathstrike, another merc group.
Pay: Remains of leader's Rifleman.
Opposition: Irregular lance composed of IMP-3E Imp, Koto, CTF-3L Cataphract, Demon, Lightning.

The precipitate for this conflict was an incident in mission three when a Kuritan Grand Dragon surrendered. Trevor accepted the mech's surrender and agreed to allow its retreat. However, Steve Brooks wanted the glory of killing a defenseless opponent. The pilot of the Grand Dragon was the sister of Deathstrike's leader who sought revenge for the honourless murder.


Employer: Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth
Location: Thorin, Lyran Alliance
Mission parameters: Garrison duty. Maintain control of the area until forces can pull off-world.
Pay: 739,500 C-Bills
Opposition: Lyran rebels. Typhoon Urban Assault Vehicle, Badger C, Rotunda, Thor, SRM Carrier, Vedette (NETC Variant), 22 infantry platoons.

Mission successful.
Following Katherine Steiner's declaration of Lyran independance, the commanders of the Thorin garrison realized holding the planet for the FedCom would be impossible. They decided on a slow withdrawal of forces off-world, with Black Venom to maintain control until the brass can get away.
Opposition was composed of Lyran loyalists opposed to the Federated Commonwealth.


Employer: Colmar Mining Company
Location: 8-Ball, Kowloon system, Lyran Alliance.
Mission parameters: Protect Colmar interests on the planet of 8-Ball. Then, following the evacuation, protect company supplies and guard against raiders.
Pay: 800,000 C-Bills, plus assorted mech supplies.
Opposition: Civilian members of The Union, people opposed to Colmar's evacuation of the planet. Raiders: CDA-3M Cicada, COM-5S Commando. Clan Jade Falcon raiders: Loki Prime, Ryoken Prime, Puma C, Dragonfly Prime, and Dasher B.

Mission successful.
Numerous buildings and public structures destroyed.
Trevor went for a snack at Taco Bell while the rest of the team was ambushed in a nearby apartment. Oops!
Dave killed 40 civilians when an AC/20 burst missed its intended target and showered a nearby crowd.
Lloyd received a sharp-shooting award for taking down an undamaged Dasher with a single medium laser.
Lloyd also mangled numerous people at pointblank range with his Sternsnacht Heavy Pistol. We now call him Lloyd "Angel of Death" Flemming.
Somehow the mechs of Clan Jade Falcon were held off and eventually defeated.
Trevor picked up a new Stalker mech, and Justin Lynch and his Atlas joined Black Venom.


Employer: Lyran Intelligence Corps
Location: Machida, Lyran Alliance; Chahar, Lyran Alliance
Mission parameters: Infiltrate the base of Diablo Squad and procure a copy of selected files on the computer core. After that, defend a munitions convoy on Chahar.
Pay: 130,000 C-Bills, 10% salavge, advanced weaponry.
Opposition: Machida: platoons of infantry, and a lance of vehicles. Chahar: JA-KL-1532 Jackel, LNX-9Q Lynx, TR1 Wraith, PLG-37 Pillager, and ARC-2W Archer.

Mission successful.
Lloyd picked up a Wraith to replace his aging Pheonix Hawk.
Some of the mechs, like the Lynx, were sporting bits of newtech like hardened armour.


Employer: Lyran Alliance Armed Forces
Location: Caph, Disputed, Chaos March.
Mission parameters: Reinforce the flagging forces of the Denebola Skye March Militia through garrison activities. Situation quickly deteriorated and required an offensive that the Lyrans were ill-prepared to battle.
Pay: 18 million C-Bills, half in advance. Plus 500,000 in supplies and ammo upfront.
Opposition: Stealthy Tigers: FM-HK-9K Falcon Hawk, STH-1D Stealth, FLC-4C Falcon, PNT-10K Panther. Lindon's Battalion: SPR-5F Spector, DV-7D Dervish, JR7-K Jenner, SHD-5M ShadowHawk, HBK-5M Hunchback, WFT-1 Wolftrap, TMP-3M Tempest (w/ spec. weapon)

Mission unsuccessful.
Lisa Gould, the foolish commander of the Denebola SMM, decided to assault the capital city of Aswan, held by the Stealthy Tigers.
When that assault failed we weren't quite dead yet, so we walked to Cimmeron to let Lindon's Battalion beat on us.
They had some ion cannon that shut mechs down for a few rounds, and we lost that battle too.
The Lyrans weren't too nice to us, and feigned ignorance of us and our contract with them.
Overall, it wasn't the friendly entrance to Caph that we were hoping for.