About the listings

Weapons are categorized by the type of type of damage they inflict. For instance, most swords deal slashing damage so they would be found under slash. Typically weapons are slash, pierce, or blunt, but a few fall into the other category. Other damage types include poison, acid, fire, cold, lightning, energy, psionic, and divine power (good, evil, neutral).

Armours are listed by the bodypart that they're worn on.

Here's a brief explanation of the setup of the tables:

Name The name of the item as it would appear in your inventory.
The item's abbreviation, if any, is listed in ( ).
Location The name of monster that has the item, followed by the area name.
Quality The quality of the equipment compared relatively to other items of the same type. Some equipment, while not dealing great damage, might rank higher because they have other very beneficial powers.
Ranking, from best to worst, is: Excellent Very good Good Ok Poor.
If an item is listed as Special check the Comments section for details.
Wt The weight of the item measured in keybeers (or specials or longdrinks; all Central Castle drinks weight the same).
Comments An all-purpose space for various notes including:
-protected body parts
-special powers
-restrictions on wielding/wearing
-controlled items. Listed as either Unique or Limited. Unique indicates only one copy can be in the game at a time, while Limited means there can be either 3 or 5 copies
-one-handed and two-handed weapons are denoted by 1h and 2h, respectively

About equipment value

One important thing to note about equipment is that the shop price (or druid shares, etc) of an item is not necessarily indicative of its quality. That's why these equipment listings exist.

A high shop price means an item is valuable... but what's valuable mean exactly? It could mean that it hits really hard and is great in combat. But it could also mean that it is made from precious metals or studded with gems. A suite of armour made from gold is definitely valuable, but gold isn't exactly a hard metal and probably wouldn't protect too well.

So, while it sounds a little dumb, the best items tend to be the ones that others in your guild are using. And if in doubt, ask.