Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Bracelets of Many Shades
Dragonne, Shadowland Excellent 1 Protects arms.
Limited; doesn't reset. Increases carrying capacity.
Crystal Bracelets
Ryphil, Aldar Special 3 Protects arms.
Limited; resets. Random effects influenced by guild; boosts some stats while reducing others, and increasing healing rate; a few other details availabe on the notes page.
Gold Bracelet Kobold, Drupacia Good   Protects arms.
Shining Black Bracelets
Gyath'aar, Bazzinia Excellent 1 Protects arms.
Unique; resets. Boosts attack speed slightly. Gradually the bonus diminishes and wearer beings to tire and lose combat efficiency.
Silver Bracelet Kobold, Drupacia Ok 1 Protects arms.
Silver Bracelet Viper, Mountains Ok 1 Protects arms.
Steel Bracers Bakmor, Almoth Very good 1 Protects arms.