Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Assassin Master's Cape of the Shadows Darkich, Bloodwych Excellent 4 Protects neck, chest, back.
Black Robe
Jarl, Valhall Excellent 10 Unique; resets. Adds darkness. Becomes a monster when combat begins; -5 str to wearer; eats corpses to heal itself.
Blood Red Robe of Malar Mercenary captain, Eldarian Special   Protects neck, chest, back.
Ok before, Excellent after forging; complete set of armour needs to be forged and worn together to be truly effective.
Blue Cloak Peace Maker, Rash Very good   Protects neck, back, chest.
Cloak of Concealment Cloaked figure, Manetheren Excellent 3 Protects all body parts.
Can hold items.
Cloak of Many Shades Dragonne, Shadowland Good 7 Protects neck, back, chest.
Limited; doesn't reset. +2 int.
Color shifting cloak Warder, Manetheren Very good 5 Protects all body parts.
Dragonskin Cloak Thorull, Rash Very good 6 Protects neck, back, chest.
Golden Robe of the Lion Lion Boss, Valhall Very good 5 Protects neck, back.
Kimono of Stealth Conan, Kurly Very good 5 Protects neck, back.
Mist cloak Ghost King, Certhun Good ½ Protects neck, back, chest.
Can cast an avoidance effect that costs a small amount of mental.
Phantom mantle Phantom, Bazzinia Very good 1 Protects head, neck, chest, waist, arms, legs, back.
Robe of the Magi Necromancer, Grey Forest Ok 2 Protects neck, back.
Stole of the Seat Queen, Manetheren Excellent   Protects neck, back, chest.
Stradh's Cape Stradh, Bloodwych Good   Protects neck, back, chest.
Valor mage's robe Valor Mage, Shadowland Good   Protects neck, back, chest.
White Cloak Warriors of Light, Ramella Good   Protects neck, back, chest.