Bludgeoning weapons

Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Diminisher, The Conanin, Tyr Very good 9 1h. Requires level 10+. Special attack does evil damage.
Elven Queen's Staff Elven Queen, Llorien Good 7 2h. Some of these are better than others, and they're usually referred to by their share value in the Oak. For instance, EQ1020 is the best possible, while EQ660 is quite poor.
Glowing Staff Halfling tribe leader, Tyr Very good 6 2h. Adds light.
Hengistaff Conan, Kurly Very good 5 1h.
Krissos' Sceptre Krissos, Ramella Good   1h. Undroppable.
Mace of Dismay Derlan, Certhun Ok 3 1h.
Mace of Disruption Chansobal, Everlund Ok   1h.
Melissa's Staff of Beauty
Melissa, Bloodwych Very good 9 Unique; resets. 2h. Does more damage if wielder has charisma. Special attack versus opponents with low charisma.
Rod of Pharao
Pharao, Pyramid Very good 10 1h. Special attacks improve with higher level.
Rod of Vecna
Vecna, Shadowland Very good 5 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires lvl 14+, 10+ dex. Must attack strong enemies otherwise it damages wielder. Replenishes physical, special attacks vs good .
Singing Sticks Mul, Tyr Good 7 2h. Requires an amount of intelligence to wield.
Giant, Happy Hunting Grounds Good   Limited; resets. 2h. Requires 30+ str. Mini-quest to create.
Staff of Elements
Maycrith, Eldarian Excellent 8 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires level 14 and either 17 int or wis. Several special attacks. Replenishes physical. If vial with soul is worn also replenishes mental. Boosts wielder's int and wis while reducing dex and con.
Staff of Life Quest Good 9 Limited; resets. 2h. Replenishes physical.
Staff of Striking Necromancer, Grey Forest Poor 8 2h.
Trepis' long staff
Trepis, Vlandore Very good 3 Limited; resets. 1h. Can be twisted to change between spear and quarterstaff.
Valor mage's staff Valor mage, Shadowland Ok   2h.