Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Boots of Attacking Demethon, Everlund Good 5 Protects legs.
Special attack to kick foes. Come in many colours.
Boots of Many Shades Dragonne, Shadowland Excellent ½ Protects legs.
Limited; doesn't reset. +2 Dex.
Black Dragon Boots Onyx, Realm of the Raven Very good 2 Protects legs.
Black leather boots Jack the Lumberjack, Neverwinter Woods Good   Protects legs.
Blood Red Boots of Malar Head paladin, Eldarian Special 3 Protects legs.
Ok before, Excellent after forging; complete set of armour needs to be forged and worn together to be truly effective.
Diamond Boots Chief Enforcer, Valhall Ok   Protects legs.
Jabbar's shinguard Jabbar, Shaolin Good ½ Protects legs.
Polished leather boots Kobold Master, Drupacia Very good   Protects legs.
Undertaker's Digger Boots Undertaker, Shaolin Ok   Protects legs.