Guilds are a big part of Midnight Sun, and finding a guild that's fun and matches your style of play is key to enjoying the game. The guilds are structured differently and have their own pecularities, but hopefully these pages will help you figure out what makes each guild tick.

Midnight Sun allows characters less than level five to switch guilds without incurring an experience penalty, so it's a good idea to try out a few guilds early on. When you join a guild, talk to the members, find out how they feel about the guild, and what you can look forward to gaining.

There are already a few guild pages on the web, so rather than duplicating information that already exists, most of these links go to other sites.

At first glance, the Blademasters might appear to be a basic 'fighter-type' guild, but they actually have a great deal of flavour, specializing in sword-type (slashing and piercing) weapons and different attack styles with distinct bonuses and penalties. Higher level guild members must choose between True and Dark subguilds and their unique powers. Their hidden spire is located southeast of the Central Castle.
Kadgarth's Blademaster page - great information for blademasters.
Friends and allies of nature, druids have a wide range of extremely powerful spells spread through three spell domains to aid them. The druids gather at a circle of standing stones in Llorien, west and north of the Central Castle.
Nannete's Druid page - check under the Guild section for game information.
Kadgarth's Druids page - mostly a rant about druids being overpowered, but it does have a list of druid spells.
Shapeshifters that can switch between human and animal forms, the Lycanthrope guild has a lot of unique powers. For instance, instead of using weapons and armour in wereform, a lyc can sacrifice equipment to Gaia for enhanced natural damage and armour. The lyc guildhall is hidden within the misty lands of Barovia.
Vigilante's Lycanthropes' Guild - a pretty exceptional page with tonnes of info for lycs.
Tessa's Page of Lycanthropes - information on wereforms.
Agile and adept at dodging blows, monks have a range of punch and kick attacks that can be strung together in combos. Some attack combinations work better than others, and a few result in special attacks. Higher level monks can call upon giant eagles to aid them in battle. Their monestary is north of the Central Castle, outside the town of Kurly.
Monk attacks and combos - info on monk attacks and smooth combo shifts.
As worshippers of Lathander, priests and paladins easily combat evil monsters, and with their cure spells they can remain in combat long after other characters would have fled. The guildhall is located in the upper level of the Everlund cathedral.
Reddog's Priest Site - comprehensive information for both priests and paladins.
Sorcerers strive for mastery of magical power and don't hold to a particular alignment. The three subguilds, archmage, swordmage, and sorcerer, each use their magics in a slightly different way. Their guildtower is east then south of the Everlund hitchhike point.
No websites found. (Elidur had a fantastic site that listed the effects equipment had on an archmage's staff, but it seems to be gone now.)