Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Beautiful Skin Gloves Shossuri, Llorien Ok 1 Protects arms.
Brass knuckles Jabbar, Shaolin Good 3 Protects arms.
Can be used to punch enemy for damage.
Elfskin gloves Zacron, Everlund Very good 2 Protects arms.
Gauntlets of the Abyss
Poseidon, Bloodwych Excellent 6 Protects arms.
Limited; reset. Can cast a haste spell which costs mental.
Gauntlets of Power Citadel, Everlund Good 4 Protects arms.
+2 str. Lasts for ~30 mins if recharged with 'praise torm'.
Gloves of Many Shades Dragonne, Shadowland Very good 1 Protects arms.
Limited; doesn't reset. Increases wearer's combat prowess.
Leather gloves Robber, Everlund Very good 3 Protects arms.
Mist gloves Mist King, Certhun Good 0 Protects arms.
Cool message when worn.
Rugged gloves Worksman, Happy Hunting Grounds Poor 1 Protects arms.
Used to create SkullSplit.
Steel gauntlets Morngrim, Everlund Ok 3 Protects arms.
Steel gauntlets Mounted knights, Almoth Good 4 Protects arms.
Warrior gloves Trax, Drupacia Good 1 Protects arms.
Used with Spear of Piercing.