Other weapons

Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Amber Staff
Amberal, Grasslands Very good 7 Unique; resets. 2h. Good damage. Requires lvl 10. Special attack and replenishes physical.
Black sword with a heron-marked blade Tam, Manetheren Good 5 1h. Evil damage. Special attack.
Energy Sword
Kobold Chieftain, Drupacia Very good 7 Limited; resets. 1h. Energy damage. Requires lvl 15. Special attack and replenishes physical. Occasionally have to 'activate sword'.
Energy Sword, Greater
Kobold Chieftain, Drupacia Very good 11 Limited; resets. 2h. Energy damage. Requires lvl 15. Special attack and replenishes physical. Occasionally blocks attacks.
Fishbone Sword Astroth, Bloodwych Very good 7 1h. Water damage. Special attack when used in a water environment.
Holy Avenger
Cemetery, Everlund Special   1h. Good damage. Damage dependant on evilness of opponents: great vs demonics; close to no damage vs good opponents.
Holy Longsword
Palantha, Bloodwych Excellent 8 Unique; resets if not wielded. 1h. Good damage. Requires good alignment, and have charisma equal to your level. Against Neutrals replenishes physical. Against Nasties and Evils heals mental. Against Demonics heals mental and physical. -1 to str and con, boosts immunity to evil, lowers immunity to neutral and good. If your alignment drops below Good while wielding and you attack, it will vanish.
Imrahil, Almoth Excellent 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Good damage. Replenishes physical and mental, as well as doing a special attack against evil foes, and blinding demonic foes. More effective for saintly wielders; damages evil wielders.
Mist Sword Ghost King, Certhun Good 0 1h. Cold damage.
Morphing Sword
Doppleganger, Bloodwych Excellent 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Type of damage MS deals can be changed. 'read text' to see available damage types. Against the foes with weapons, it morphs to match their weapon; special attack against foes without weapons.
Pitris' Storm Whip Pitris, Vlandore Very good 5 Limited; resets. 2h. Cold damage. Requires lvl 6-13. -1 con. Special attack, disarms opponents, and replenishes physical.
Pyros' Flamesting Sword Pyros, Bloodwych Good 10 Limited; resets. 1h. Fire damage. Special attack.
Sceptre of Ramella
Krissos, Ramella Excellent 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Neutral damage. Requires level 15, 12 int or wis, and alignment must be nice/neutral/nasty. Special attacks against foes with extreme alignments, and replenishes physical/mental if wielder has lots of int/wis.