Piercing weapons

Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Dagger of Lions
Lion Boss, Valhall Ok   1h. Poisons foe.
Heart Seeker
Texter, Realm of the Raven Good   1h. Special attack. Pushes alignment towards evil.
Slender lance, glowing with power Imrahil and Bakmor, Almoth Very good 7 1h. Replenishes physical for saintly wielders.
Spear of Life
Prasih, Eldarian Good 12 Unique; resets. 1h. Replenishes physical.
Spear of Piercing
Trax, Drupacia Excellent 6 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires 25+ dex and must be wearing Warrior gloves. Special attacks.
Trepis' long spear
Trepis, Vlandore Very good 3 Limited; resets. 1h. Can be twisted to change between spear and quarterstaff.
Trident of Tempus
Gorath, Stone Coast Excellent   Unique; resets. 1h. 24+ str improves damage; 24+ dex improves attack rate; 24+ wis gives special attack.
Dicer, Manetheren Excellent   Unique; resets. 2h. Requires 25+ str and dex to wield. Fast for a two-handed weapon. Special attack.