Slashing weapons

Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Axe of Assult
Thorull, Rash Good 8 Limited; doesn't reset. 1h. Special attack.
Blade of Damned Souls Basti, Almoth Good 7 1h.
Black tschekal Royal guards, Tyr Very good 4 1h.
Requires 15+ dex. Special attack.
Blessed Axe of Combat
Shillman, Tyr Very good 5 Unique; doesn't reset. 1h. Five attack settings (wimpy, careful, balanced, aggressive, frenzy) modify damage output at the expense of wielder's defense.
Zjebbeo, Manetheren Excellent 6 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires lvl 13, 15+ str and dex to wield. Replenishes physical.
Chaos Blade
Mezzoloth Good   Unique; resets. 1h. Special attack.
Deathknight's longsword Juraak, Almoth Good 4 1h.
Demon Blade
Chimera, Quest Excellent 7 Unqiue; resets. 1h. Requires evil alignment. Replenishes physical and mental. Makes wielder more evil. Lasts for about 2 hours.
Doomsday Butterknife
Count Body, Newbie Forest Excellent   Unique; resets. 1h. Requires level 6-. Replenishes physical and mental.
Dragon Sabre
Sha'dix, Drelexor Very good 8 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires 12+ wis or int. +1 wis. Special attack based on training. Keeps track of the races it kills. New fire attacks at 10 (small flame), 20 (large flame), 40 (fireball), 55 (multiple fireballs), 75 (vortex), 100 kills (wave), and 250 kills (huge wave).
Elyssa's Sword
Elyssa, Shadowland Very good 5 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires 10+ str, 10+ dex, and 10+ level to wield. Special attack.
Fine Longsword Pirate, Shadowland Good 5 1h.
Guild Sword
Sinco, Shadowland Special 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires 14+ lvl. Special effect is dependant on guild of wielder: replenishes mental for druids; physical for sorcs; special attack for blademasters, lycs, monks, and priests.
Jagged Warblade
Marvent, Tyr Excellent 6 Unique; no reset. 1h. Special attack and bleeding effect.
Jaraad's Axe Jaraad, Almoth Good 12 1h.
King's Ultrafine Longsword Gorath, Stonecoast Good   1h. Can't be passed. Two versions: usual and razor sharp.
Gnoll Chieftain, Grey Forest Good 10 Limited; resets. 1h. Replenishes physical.
Longsword Black Star
Robber Chieftain, Grey Forest Good 8 Limited. 1h. Special attack on command, 'starburst', that doesn't do much but costs mental.
Longsword Black Star
Robber Chieftain, Grey Forest Ok 8 2h.
Longsword Dancing Death
Shalack, Drow caves Ok   1h. Extra effective versus dark elves.
Longsword with a multi-coloured hilt Aldus, Aldar Good 6 1h. Attacks at a slightly faster than normal rate.
Ninja Axe
Jabbar, Shaolin Very good 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Requires Shaolin Quest solved. Replenishes physical and mental. Called Axe of Spam (AoS) because of the spam it produces in combat.
Serpentine Longsword Seonid, Almoth Ok 9 1h.
Sharp Sabre Artemis, Abandoned Mansion Good 6 1h.
Sorrow, the Grey Slayer Raisimer, Eldarian Excellent 10 Unique; resets. 2h. -3 dex. Fight Raisimer until he teleports you to it.
Kurgan, Farsea Swamp Very good   Limited; resets. 2h. Replenishes physical.
Xavier, Llorien Very good   Unique; resets. 2h. Requires the killer of Xavier. Special attack. Must be sharpened with whetstone.
Sword of Defense
Lyssion, Certhun Ok   Limited; resets. 2h. Requires lvl 13-. Raises wielder's defense and reflects attacks.
Sword of Kaz
Kaz, Shadowland Very good 15 Unique; resets. 2h. Requires lvl 10, and 10+ str and dex. Replenishes physical and mental. Forces you to auto-attack when wielded.
Sword of Legends
Romthan, Drupacia Very good   Unique; resets. 2h. Special attack with 9k+ kills.
Sword of the Phantom
Phantom, Bazzinia Very good 7 Unique; resets. 1h. Deflect hits back to enemy.
Sword of Quickness
Tharindon, Mountains Good 6 Limited; resets. 1h. Two attacks per round.
Sword of Victories
Kremlry, Drupacia Special 8 Unique; resets. 1h. Attack power and special attacks dependant upon wielder's total kills. Good attacks at +20k.
Silver sword with a heron-marked blade Tam, Manetheren Good 5 1h. Requires 20+ str and dex.
Kain, Hawso Mansion Very good 8 Limited. 1h. Special attack.
Two-edged axe Mythidion, Certhun Ok   1h. Special attack.
Lasarus, Valhall Good 10 1h. Special attack.
War Sword Elyssa's Guards, Shadowland Ok   1h. Disappears when sold.