Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Belt of Many Shades Dragonne, Shadowland Very good 2 Protects waist.
Limited; doesn't reset. Increases rate of physical regeneration.
Black Belt Wu Chi Lin, Mountains Poor 2 Protects waist.
Bloodbelt Conan, Kurly Excellent 2 Protects waist.
Monks can use their powers while wearing.
Golden Belt Yuzo, Kurly Ok 4 Protects waist.
Kaz's Belt Kaz, Shadowland Very good   Protects waist.
Knight's Belt Knight, Drupacia Good   Protects waist.
Mawasakiri's protective belt Mawasakiri, Shaolin Good 2 Protects waist.
Pirate's Belt Pirates, Shadowland Good 3 Protects waist.
Can hold items.
Saul's Belt Saul, Almoth Excellent 1 Protects waist.
Limited; doesn't reset. Requires lvl 14. +2 random stat, magic protection.