Links To Pages I Like

Midnight Sun - A Medival Fantasy Mud
This Is A Text-Based Medival Game That I Play ALOT, It's Fun But Not For Everyone, Try It Out

An All Around Great Site And Patron Of This Space, Check It Out!

Sarah's Website
The Website Belonging To My Sister, The Bestest Sister In The World!!!

A Blog From Everybody's Favourite Star Trek Ensign, Who Somehow Is Both Cool And Wesley Crusher At Once:P

Strongbad's Email
Just The Single Funniest Thing On The Planet. Defies Description Just Go See!

Penny Arcade
A Blog From Two Gamer Guys. Lots Of Insight Into The World Of Computer And Console Games, And Awesome Daily/Weekly (usually) Comics

The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Newspaper From Wisconsin, Takes Existing News Stories And Makes Up New, Funny Ones On The Theme, Fabulously Funny!

A Website For Authors To Post Their Work, Lots Of Good Stuff On Here, Take A Read!

A Mini-Putt Course. See If You Can Beat My 20 Under Par