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Player's Dream Equipment

Player's Name Guild/Level Equipment Comments
Rathan Paladin, 19+10 Callandor
Norn Amulet
Crystal Ring
Platemail of the Snakes
Belt of Saul
Boots of Many Shades
Helm of the sun
Gauntlets of the Abyss
Ghostly mist cloak
Plate/Helm are best protection for their type, Norn/CR need no explanations. Gauntlets have a haste spell, Callandor is a godly weapon, Boots/Cloak are weightless. With only 20 strength, weight is an issue. Also, since Callandor takes a long time to get, in general my favorite pre-Callandor weapon is Rod of Pharao. Good for high levels.
Craver Druid, 16 Helm of the Sun
Jet Amulet
Guild Sword
Blue Plate
Boots of Many Shades
Shield of Many Shades
Belt of Many Shades
These would be my favorite due to the fact that most of it is very light which allows me to carry more drinks instead of 1 or two. Helm/amulet/gs/dragonenequip is also very good protection-wise. Blue plate would be just because it weights %%> and it has my name on it once I kill the Ice Dragon.
Danno Blademaster, 10 Shining Knights Armour
Ring of Defense
Color Shifting Cloak
Exoskeleton Badge
Ydoll's Medicine
The Plate, Ring, Amulet and Cloak all protect every body part, giving great protection for not nearly as much weight as other combos, which is nice when you only have 17 strength. No weapon because I use my guildsword like a good little blademaster.