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Equipment By Body Part

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Looking to populate these tables with as much equipment as possible, so if you have any item, any item at all, please mudmail Danno or email me at Dan_ruffolo@hotmail.com with as much of the table data as possible. Thank-You

Thanks To Tralith/Brad for letting me shamelessly loot his page for EQ to get me started!

Notes On The System:

As seems to be the norm for midnight sun equipment pages, the information is laid out in the following manner:
Name Of Equipment Location Of Equipment Quality Weight Comments

Name: The Name Of The Piece Of Equipment

Location The Name Of The Person And Area The Item Can Be Found

Quality An Idea Of How Good An Item Is In Relation To Others Of The Same Type. Scaled from * to ********** (1 -10 but when seen in chart form this makes it a lot easier to tell which is ranked higher) Most items on traditional equipment webpages will be from 7 to 10 *'s as those pages tend to list only unique and high end equipment.

Weight The Weight of the item as expressed in drinks. A quick and easy way to see your max capacity is to find someone with high charisma to buy keybeers, as all drinks weigh the same.

Comments Requirements to wear/wield, Areas protected, Other comments. Weapons will be marked 1H or 2H for how many hands to wield.