Past News Items

ComStar News Bureau, Illustration by Franz Vohwinkel. © 1997 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Black Venom Launches Clan Education Program

3059.5.20 - By utilizing the resources available to them, Black Venom Mercenaries hopes to begin to educate the public about the Clans. Since the initial invasion ten years ago the Clans, although reviled by most of society, have become envogue to some. Street gangs and shadier elements have been known to adopt certain clan customs and young children can easily become enraptured by the pomp and ceremony of Clan rituals. "Much of this mystique comes as a result of incomplete understanding of the Clans," says Black Venom's Leftenant Trevor McNabb. "We've seen inaccuracies, rumours and half-truths about the Clans represented, and perpetuated on news broadcasts, and kids have started to idolize them without knowing or understanding what Clan society is truly like," said Lt. McNabb at a ceremony announcing the program. By educating school childern about all of Clan society and making information available to anyone else that would like it, the mercenaries hope to dispel the myth and dogma surrounding the Clans.
Story courtesy CaphNewsNetwork.

Studio 54 Club Opens in Mack's Creek

Studio 54 logo

3059.1.11 - Following the latest disco dance craze ravaging most of Davion space Studio 54, a new club located in downtown Mack's Creek, has opened its doors to the public. "Disco isn't just a fad, it's a fever sweeping the society that we live in," said Steve Brooks at the grand opening. "It sometimes seems hard to remember that there was a world without disco." Mr. Brooks, head spokesman for Black Venom Mercenaries and an investor in the project, was instrumental in raising the capital necessary for this project.
As expected, the club attracted celebrities and "beautiful people" from all over the region. Some of those lucky enough to receive invitations included: actor Thomas Gellick; Trevor McNabb and Samantha Vansen of Black Venom; Mack's Creek Mayor Quimby; and singer Donna Sovenir.
Story courtesy CaphNewsNetwork.

Star League Reconstituted by Successor States

3058.11.5 - After three hundred years of internecine warfare, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere have again united to create a new Star League. The Whitting Conference, hosted by Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion, and held on Tharkad, was organized to create a unified front to oppose the Clan invasion.
Sun-Tzu Liao, Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation, was elected First Lord of the Star League, a position which will rotate every three years according to the new constitution. Political analysts applauded the selection of Liao as First Lord, noting that although the position is largely ceremonial, it elevates the stature of the Confederation, considered by most to be the weakest of the Great Houses. Comstar's Precentor Martial, Anastasius Focht, has been appointed to lead the new Star League Defense Force with Archon Prince Victor Steiner-Davion acting as his aide. The Defense Force will consist of forces drawn from the standing armies of the Great Houses as well as the former Star League units Eridani Light Horse and Northwind Highlander.
Story courtesy Comstar News Bureau.

Raid Destroys Oil Platform and Refinery

3058.9.21 - Early Tuesday morning, a mercenary raid crippled a local oil refinery which employed a hundred citizens of Mack's Creek. As the strike on the oil refinery was being carried out a second task force, consisting of mostly assault hovercraft, destroyed one of the oil platforms that supplied oil to the refinery. Nearby Black Venom forces commanded by Captain Trevor McNabb moved to blunt the aggression, but were unable to arrive before most of the compound was razed.
The attacks are believed to have been carried out the the Rough Lovers, a mercenary company listed as being contracted to NovaCor Energy. A New Derry facility owned by NovaCor, and garrisoned by the Rough Lovers is now the sole refinery remaining on the Southern Continent's west coast. Andomask Consolidated, the interstellar corporation which owned the local refinery, released a statement saying that they were considering retaliatory options against NovaCor and that the Mack's Creek facility would not be reconstructed. Environmentalists cheered this decision.
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30th Anniversary of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's Marriage

Federated Commonwealth image

3058.8.25 - Celebrations are being held in the Federated Commonwealth today to honour and remember the marriage of Prince Hanse Adriann Davion and Archon-Designate Melissa Arthur Steiner on this day thirty years ago. On August 20, 3028, at Comstar's Hilton Head Island Compound on Terra, in a ceremony attended by all of the Great House leaders, the couple was married and their realms joined to create the Federated Commonwealth. Many still criticize the marriage, accusing Prince Davion of being a cradle-robbing tyrant and Archon Steiner of handing over control of the Commonwealth to Davion. Anger over the issue is still evident today in the Isle of Skye, where support for Katherine Steiner-Davion's new Lyran Alliance is strongest.
Duchess Candace Liao, ruler of the St. Ives Compact, and a guest at the historic wedding, dismisses arguments that the Davion-Steiner marriage was an unhappy one. "I remember commenting to Justin [Allard-Liao] how beautiful Melissa looked as she walked down the aisle. The Archon-Designate looked grave and proud, but even through her veil we could see the love shining in her gray eyes."
Story courtesy Comstar News Bureau.

Black Venom to Appear in Founding Day Parade

3058.8.1 - Mayor Quimby of Mack's Creek has confirmed that arrangemennts have been made for Black Venom Mercenaries to appear in the Founding Day Parade to take place June 5. The annual parade commemorates the date of first settlement in this area. Jebediah Mack, generally accepted as the city's founding father, is said to have arrived with his family and settled along Quantico Bay centuries ago on this date. Mayor Quimby excitedly proclaimed that "possibly three or four of Black Venom's battlemech units will participate in the parade, including a Stalker, Wolfcat (sic), and a vintage Star League design, the Warhammer."
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Deal Signed with Mack's Creek Council

3058.5.18 - The elected city council of Mack's Creek voted last night to accept the recommendation of Colonel Sarah Lindon and lease the old Camp Salado base to Black Venom. Black Venom has entered into an alliance with Gustafson's Grenadiers and Lindon's Battalion in exchange for support in establishing a small base of operations. The Camp Salado base has been empty for a number of years now. Until 3046 it had housed the 322nd and 323rd motorized infantry platoons of the Caph Provisional Garrison. However, the redeployment of Caph's standing military forces that year saw the base abandoned. Mack's Creek City Council believes the reactiviation of the base to be a positive move, citing numerous expected expenditures by the new occupants.
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Build baby, build!

The Black Venom Mercenary Company has recently embarked on a massive program of expansion and promotion. Among the projects that have been initiated is the creation of a base of operations on the war-torn planet of Caph in the Chaos March. The aquisition of a number of new mechwarriors from the Desperados has allowed the group to grow to nearly company size. At this time McNabb and Vansen are looking into the prospects of maintaining an office on Outreach.
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Lindon-Black Venom Alliance Announced

We have allied ourselves with Lindon's Battlion. In exchange for defending a small city, we have received a parcel of land on which to build a base of operations. Already we have saved the portcity of Mack's Creek from several marauding groups of lawless mercs and pirates. The people there really appreciate us and what we're trying to do. This is probably the nicest aspect of having a home base.
McNabb Personal Log Excerpt.

Hostilities end abruptly between Black Venom and Lindon's Battalion

Colonel Lindon has agreed to a peace with us. Of the clashing forces on Caph, Colonel Sarah Lindon seems the least intent on destroying the stability that these people had built up over the last few decades. Although we were originally hired by the Lyran Alliance to shore up the faltering efforts of the Denebola Skye March Militia, the unique situation thrust us into a deal with Lindon. For further information, that last mission is archived as mission 11 in the Black Venom Mission Log.
McNabb Personal Log Excerpt.

HQ, we have engaged the Clans!

Burn baby burn!

"What's it like fighting the Wolf? Imagine lightning on legs, or an earthquake with arms, or a catastrophe with genius, or just pure hell on wheels." That quote, originally attributed to a soldier of the Lovinac militia in 3050, adequately sums up the feelings most mechwarriors have of the Clan invaders.
On August 14 of 3058, the Black Venom Mercenary Company encountered a raiding party of Clan Jade Falcon. Fortunately, the gods smiled upon us and we managed to survive our first Clan contact with substantial damage as opposed to the usual destruction a Clan attack results in. A summary of that mission and its effects and results can be found here: Mission Log 9. We have since moved our base of operations away from the Clan front and loath the thought of battling those genetically engineered freaks again.
Black Venom Log Excerpt.