Black Venom Intelligence Apparatus

ISF Counterespionage. Illustration D. Alexander Gregory. © 1996 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The company does not have any formal intelligence gathering methodologies in place due to its small size. Unofficially, Lloyd Flemming, who has proven quite adept at these tasks, is responsible for the collation and verification of data and sources. Information can come from many sources. For instance, Jim Gates has extensive connections with family and friends back on Terra and maintains a good relationship with several pals in the ComGuards.

Caph Data

Here are a number of documents that we have put together regarding Caph and its occupying forces:

Comstar Intelligence Report on Caph
Jim managed to get a copy of this document through a friend. Even its thoroughness did not prepare us for Caph.
Lindon's Battalion Brief
Obtained from Wolfnet's MUD (Mercenary Unit Database) on Outreach, this document contains information on Lindon's Battalion for potential employers.
Denebola FTM Brief
This Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC) document details the current status of the Denebola FTM stationed on Caph in the Chaos March.