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Welcome to the Black Venom webspace. These pages are a tribute to a mercenary company in the fictional Battletech universe.
Caph, a troubled world in the Chaos March, has been chosen as our new base of operations. Already we've found it a prime location to be in order to engage in the myriad opportunities for fun, adventure, and profit.

The main team members are characters created using FASA's MechWarrior and MechWarrior: Companion books. We're currently looking over the new MechWarrior 3 rules. It's a much better system, and we're debating converting characters or creating a whole new batch. Anyway, most adventures/missions try to involve the team's Battlemech units to at least a small extent, and the game is played using standard Battletech rules, with maps or custom terrain, and our ever expanding miniature mech collection.

" proud. For the first time since Tukayyid, an Inner Sphere force has shown the Clans that while they might be good at warfare, that isn't the same as being the best at it."
--Kommandant Wendy Karner, Davion Heavy Guards,
participating in Operation Bulldog, 5.27.3060

Latest News Items

South Rim Election Heats Up!

3060.2.6 - The gubernatorial race changed course last night at Sandoval Hall on the South Rim University campus as candidate DeVallier unveiled his new platform. The crowd enthusiatically endorsed DeVallier, repeatedly drowning out attempts by Governor Morenceau to reply. Political pundits are unsure of the effect of this campaign change, especially with only a week left before voting day. The full article is available.
Story courtesy CaphNewsNetwork.

SLDF Liberates Jaguar Worlds!

3059.9.18 - The Coordinator of the Draconis Combine announced today that the efforts of the new Star League Defence Force over the last four months have been successful in routing Smoke Jaguar forces. The address, which took place at noon Luthien Standard Time, marked the beginning of a new statewide holiday to commemorate the liberation of the occupied worlds.
Despite the celebrations, Coordinator Theodore Kurita also noted that there is much rebuilding to be done. Precentor Martial Focht and the SLDF will remain on active duty in the periphery, liberating small worlds and guarding against a Jaguar counter-attack from the Clan homeworlds.
Story courtesy ComStar News Bureau.

MRBC Rules Against Black Venom

3059.5.25 - On Outreach, the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission ruled that the Black Venom Mercenary Company violated the terms of their contract during events that occured a year ago on Caph. In the decision, Lord Deng (House Kurita), speaking for the commission, cited numerous battlefield incidents which led the commissioners to support House Steiner's position. The MRBC's ruling means that Black Venom will not be able to collect the entire sum which was originally stipulated as payment upon completion of the contract. The Commission also found that while the mercenaries did not fulfill the conditions of the contract, this would not negatively affect their Dragoon's Rating because it did not occur as a result of malice or deliberately disobeying orders.
Story courtesy ComStar News Bureau.

SLDF Launches Offensive at Jaguar Held Worlds

3059.5.13 - ComStar released information today detailing Operation Bulldog, a massive Star League Defense Force offensive aimed at driving Clan Smoke Jaguar from the Inner Sphere. Elite SLDF troops drawn from all of the Great Houses have already landed on the occupied worlds of Port Arthur, Kiamba , Asgard, Tarazed, and Avon. Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht says that this is merely the first wave of the assault, and that there are extensive reserve forces available, should any unforeseen circumstances occur.
Unconfirmed, but persistant rumours claim that units from Clan Nova Cat have joined the SLDF on Avon in their struggle with Jaguar forces.
Story courtesy ComStar News Bureau.

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