Name Location Quality Wt Comments
Black Dragon Helmet Onyx, Realm of the Raven Very good   Protects head.
Blood Red Helmet of Malar Jachyra, Eldarian Special   Protects head.
Ok before, Excellent after forging; complete set of armour needs to be forged and worn together to be truly effective.
Crown of Ramella Krissos, Ramella Very good 3 Protects head.
Crystal Skull Helmet Kzerx, Drow caves Ok   Protects head.
Den-Ray's Coolie Hat Den-Ray, Shaolin Ok 4 Protects head.
Golden Knights Helmet Romthan, Drupacia Very good   Protects head.
Helmet of Brilliance Shalack, Drow caves Ok   Protects head.
Can be used a limited number of times to cast a bolt spell.
Helmet of Many Shades Dragonne, Shadowland Very good 4 Protects head.
Beginning at 16 charisma provides increasingly effective protection against spells.
Helm of the Sun Taal'aar, Almoth Excellent ½ Protects head, neck, chest, waist, back.
Taal'aar assigns a mini-quest that must be done to get the helm.
Leo's Circlet Leo, Everlund Excellent 1 Protects head.
Mighty winged helmet Imrahil, Almoth Good 6 Protects head.
Mithril helmet Aeglon, Almoth Excellent 2 Protects head.
Obsidian Helmet Robber Chieftain, Grey Forest Good 5 Protects head.
Pitris' Helmet Pitris, Vlandore Ok   Protects head.
Hunter's helmet Hunter, Shadowland Good   Protects head.
Wide-brimmed hat Dicer, Manetheren Excellent   Protects head.
Called pimp hat by older players.