Here are a few memorable logs submitted by Midnight Sun players. These two were originally kept on Danno's site, but he ran out of space for them, so they've been moved here. If you have any impressive feats or amusing acts logged, send an email to and we'll store it here for posterity.

Elvira kills Rand
Elvira killing Rand Al'Thor in 8 solid minutes of combat.
Vigilante vs Shadowland
Vigilante, Doggy, and Natas clear out Shadowland. Kaz, Elyssa, and the dragons fall.


Here's a listing of the descriptions and corresponding numerical values for stats.

Range Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
1 Puny Stiff Sickly Feebleminded Gullible Abhorrent
2 Feeble Clumsy Gaunt Moronic Naive Loathsome
3-4 Very weak Ungainly Skinny Dimwitted Irrational Repulsive
5-6 Weak Uncoordinated Thin Slow-minded Rational Unpleasant
7-8 Slightly muscular Nimble Fit Intelligent Sensible Plain
9-11 Muscular Dextrous Endurant Clever Shrewd Persuasive
12-16 Strong Agile Healthy Bright Wise Gallant
17-24 Brawny Quick Well-built Brilliant Very wise Charismatic
25-39 Powerful Swift Sturdy Genius Enlightened Chevalieric
40-99 Mighty Acrobatic Athletic Supra-genius Will-strong Awe-inspiring

Damage descriptions

  Blunt Slash Pierce Good Neutral Evil
1 grazed grazed prodded punished brushed distressed
2 hit lacerated punctured punished hard injured somewhat harmed
3 hit hard cut punctured very hard purged injured seriously harmed
4 hit very hard sliced pierced smote churned harmed badly
5 hit with a bonecrushing sound slashed very hard thrust into completely agonized butchered tortured
6 massacred massacred massacred vanquished butchered badly tortured deviously
7 annihilated annihilated annihilated exorcised ??? tormented
  Fire Cold Water Poison Electric Energy
1 licked with flames cooled sprinkled stung jolted swayed
2 scorched chilled wet tainted jolted badly shook
3 scorched badly chilled causing major shivering wet thoroughly contaminated shocked shook seriously
4 burned froze lightly splashed intoxicated shocked savagely pounded
5 burned horribly froze spashed hard corrupted shocked completely pounded very hard
6 burned to a crisp froze badly soaked poisoned stunned blasted violently
7 incinerated crystallized drenched injected turning blood to poison electrocuted ???

Lord houses

This table lists the capacity, in Central Castle drinks, of each type of lord house. Considering a measly 9 str allows you to carry 30 drinks, that means even the basic 'hole' lord house can store a complete set of my equipment. A tower or house might be useful if you have lots of non-lord friends. :-)

House typeCapacity
Hole43 drinks
Straw shack62
Wooden hut87
Wooden house124
Stone house124
Stone tower162

Crystal Bracelets

The Crystal Bracelets (CrBr) seemingly have a random affect on characters, sometimes raising, and sometimes lowering, stats. There is a pattern in their effect, although it is difficult to detect. I play a druid so I've only been able to see the effects for that guild. Email me with any other info.

x variable
Con Int Wis
0 0 -1 2
1 -1 0 3
2 -2 1 4
3 -3 2 5
For druids:
It raises the physical regeneration rate by about 50%.
It raises/decreases stats based on the matrix below. If, for instance, you noticed that your con decreased by 1 when wearing the CrBr, you're likely wearing the x=1 bracelets.
The variable that determines the stat increase/decrease does not change as the bracelets are passed between characters.